Songwriter and producer Bilgi gained his musical background back in the 90s at the ACM(The Academy of Contemporary Music in Zurich). He continued to build up his knowledge in Songwriting and Music Production at Berklee College of Music. The influence of Pop, Jazz, Film Music and Contemporary R&B cannot be overheard. Bilgi’s goal is to write sophisticated popular music keeping the sound commercial yet giving it a special aura. With his lyrics, he tells stories in the course of which the listeners find themselves. He typically collaborates with artists from the United States and the United Kingdom.


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Before It Began







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"Before It Began" is modern pop paired with R&B, urban rhythms, orchestral riffs. In the chorus, the listener runs the risk of catching an earworm. The song, refined with a pinch of oriental sonic spice, results in a distinctive sound, in which dezabel shows his ability to unite different cultures. Himself of multicultural descent, he repeatedly experiments with different sounds from regions of our world; whether of acoustic or electronic nature does not matter. Almost desperate to find the "right" voice for the song, he now gives the listener a choice; he releases two versions at once. One can choose between Co-writer Julia Ross with her warm and soulful voice or Jazelle Paris (JVZEL), the urban R&B voice - both residing in the USA. Anyone who has ever entered into a relationship even though they knew there was no long-term perspective will quickly find themselves in "Before It Began."


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