Songwriter and producer Bilgi gained his musical background back in the 90s at the ACM(The Academy of Contemporary Music in Zurich). He continued to build up his knowledge in Songwriting and Music Production at Berklee College of Music. The influence of Pop, Jazz, Film Music and Contemporary R&B cannot be overheard. Bilgi’s goal is to write sophisticated popular music keeping the sound commercial yet giving it a special aura. With his lyrics, he tells stories in the course of which the listeners find themselves. He typically collaborates with artists from the United States and the United Kingdom.


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I Wake Up


Folk Pop





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Summer is within reach; what could be more natural than finally "waking up" and enjoying life to its best? The summery pop-folk ballad by Swiss producer and singer-songwriter dezabel collaborates with pixie liv and invites the listener to balmy summer nights with wine and good conversation. 
With this inspiring singer-songwriter track, Swiss-based dezabel once again shows his multifaceted nature as a songwriter and music producer - but much more his flair for writing genuinely great songs. The restrained vocal performance of pixie liv, who also hails from Switzerland, underscores the melodic diversity of "I Wake Up" and makes the song a gem among ballads. The newcomer’s nuanced and sensitiv voice gives real goosebumps moments.
"I Wake Up" is a sensitive summer tale in which dezabel shows that he also feels comfortable in other genres. "I Wake Up" blends different styles, combining elements of pop, folk, and singer-songwriter, which combine to create an exciting piece that gently carries the listener from beginning to end. The instrumentation is rich and varied in texture, creating great depth in terms of timbre and tonality. The delicate guitar and subtle piano outline the song's harmony while serving as a solid rhythmic backdrop for pixie liv's tender vocals.


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