Originally from Seattle, WA, emerging artist, Siahna possesses all the qualities a fan of an indie pop culture could desire. She dominates with a rich, soulful voice dripping with a texture that conveys her heartfelt, deeply personal lyrics in a way that resonates with the listener. Add to that a bright, relatable, charismatic presence to deliver it all and you have an audience that is invested in the stories she shares through her lyrics. As an artist, she finds herself stylistically influenced primarily by soul and jazz genres-specifically artists Ray Charles, Amy Winehouse and her favorite singer/songwriter of all time, Billy Joel. Season 9 of NBC’s The Voice gave Siahna her opportunity to shine on a national level with the then 15-year-old songstress taking the stage and belting out a smoky and eloquent rendition of Fever. Siahna says she wouldn’t change her experience on The Voice for anything as it taught her to cope with high-pressure situations and enabled her to grow as an artist and gain recognition. 2019 has been the year where Siahna has dedicated herself to completing her latest EP, "Innocence". Since then, she has been working on developing her music by adding new influences and creating a new and completely refreshed style. The main focus of 2020 is to delve into new genres. Siahna is currently working on new projects experimenting with soul, hip-hop, and R&B with an aim to mix up the 90s with the fresh sound of 2020. Without a doubt, by mixing up different styles and taking influences from many genres with a solid base and a cultural impact, Siahna is a multitalented and curious artist with an enormous love for cultures and music exploration.


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Originally known for her time on NBC’s Season 9 of The Voice as a 15-year old soul singer, Siahna has since grown into a young woman with a focus on developing a new sound with a message. Now, 21-years old and a recent university graduate, Siahna is eager to showcase herself not as a reality TV singer, but a mature and fresh artist to look out for. Her unreleased single titled “Mother”, is not only backed up by a unique sound but by an important message for the whole world. Siahna collaborated with esteemed Argentinian producer Axe Follin to bring “Mother” to life. Due to the travel restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, the two artists creatively found a way to make this track happen together. The vocals were recorded in Seattle, WA while the track was produced in Buenos Aires. The idea for “Mother” was brought about to Siahna as she read an article about The Climate Clock in Manhattan, New York. This 62-foot wide clock is not telling time in a 24-hour day, but instead counting backwards. The clock is a physical representation of the amount of time we have left as a human race to prevent the effects of global warming from becoming irreversible. She wanted to spread a message with her lyrics, letting listeners know that “Mother” earth is our home and although we may not feel the immediate effects of our abusive actions, our generations to come definitely will. Axe Follin was able to seamlessly make an impactful instrumental to compliment Siahna’s lyrics and melody. Her soulful tone paired with his upbeat pop track with folk undertones revealed their collaboration to be a musical match made in heaven. Although we may feel farther apart than ever due to the coronavirus pandemic and societal controversy, Siahna hopes that “Mother” is a reminder to listeners that through all our differences the one thing that unites us is our humanity. She hopes that “Mother” is a catalyst to wake people up and bring them together in the fight to save our earth.


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