Haley Woolbright

Haley Woolbright is a singer-songwriter and independent artist based out of St. Louis, Missouri—creating songs infiltrated with a blend of acoustic indie and pop. Her appeal lies within the honesty and authenticity to which she fills her lyrics. Since 2017, Haley has released 3 singles, a 6 song EP, and her first full length studio album, Hindsight; her hit song Boxcar has been played on dozens of radio stations worldwide. Now, after entering 2021 newly married, Haley is turning a new leaf lyrically and sonically with the release of her latest single, Long Game, a groovy love song.


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Press Release & Info from the artist

Pandemic Postpones Surprise Love Song for Groom, But Songwriter Bride Not Deterred At the start of 2020, St. Louis singer-songwriter Haley Woolbright set out to write and record a secret love song dedicated to her then fiance to gift him with at their September wedding. Due to the onset of the pandemic, her song plans crumbled and the wedding plans were delayed. Now settled into marriage in this new year, Woolbright’s late, and not-so-secret-anymore wedding gift for her husband is almost ready; March 11th, 2021, her newest single Long Game will be released on all digital platforms. The track was produced by local engineer Chris Turnbaugh (credits include Allman Betts Band), and was brought to life by an all-star band including members from STL’s own Funky Butt Brass Band. Once the songwriter and her fiance got word their wedding was being pushed back 9 months, the couple took matters into their own hands. They held a small, intimate ceremony in their backyard 3 months earlier than originally planned; love was more important than a fancy wedding. Woolbright spent the engagement period secretly writing this song as a direct love letter to her forever love. Fast forward 7 months into marriage, and Woolbright has created a track with hints of old school soul and motown sounds, that still maintains a modern pop flare. This single is a departure from past projects; her first full length album Hindsight was released in Fall of 2019, and was heavily rooted in an acoustic indie-pop vibe. It was preceded by a well attended release concert at The Bootleg in STL, and hit song “Boxcar” has since been played on dozens of radio stations worldwide. Long Game is significant because it will be Woolbright’s first release dedicated to and inspired by her now husband. In a way, this new single acts as a redemption piece; her past album Hindsight revolved around the realities and pains of heartbreak, and she now gets to navigate songwriting inside a whole new realm of experience in this new season of life.


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