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Swordkilla born and raised in Sicily, began in 1999 till 2007 as b-boy under the influence of his older brother, (Kast from Castle rock crew) that was already active since 1998. Between 2006 and 2007 approaches the graffiti, rap, beat making and turntablism. 2008 is the year that he will be dedicating himself exclusively to beat-making and turntablism. His raw style is influenced mostly by RZA, Dj Premier, Dj Dsastro, Dj Krush and DJ Shadow. In these years he met and collaborates with one of the most important characters of the Italian hip-hop history named Dj Gruff. They will be collaborating with Looperatori Italiani a group formerly composed of the best Italian producers. Dj Gruff will be then hosted in the album Flying Dagger Ep, where Swordkilla and Thatkidnamedcee (Historical turntablister from San Antonio, Texas) together will be scratching and producing the beats. At 23 moves to The Netherland, Rotterdam where thanks to the city vibe and a new acquaintance, named Stefano Zaborra, an Italian electronic producer. After the two became good friends, Swordkilla made his steps towards experimental electronic music. Merged with his hip-hop raw style it will then become his temple and style of downtempo and trip-hop filled with researched rare samples, synths and vinyl samples collected and researched at the finest vinyl store in Rotterdam, Demonfuzz Records. In Rotterdam will be the years where he will be playing live in venues where names like Gramatik and Quantic have played, Bird the finest Jazz club in Rotterdam. He will be playing at Bird with The Dutch Music Community composed by Shirma Rouse, Gery Mendes, Jon Tarifa, Niek de Bruijn, Tuur Moens, Davy Henket, Jamie Peet, Tom Ridderbeekx, Efe Erdem, Piero Bianculli and many other relevant artists. Swordkilla currently moved to Australia since 2017 where he is traveling and producing music by sampling local sounds from cassettes and vinyls. He aims to release downtempo and trip-hop singles, while releasing beat tapes with the same raw style he used to produce too but with a chill vibe for easy listening for everyday life, using music as a message to live at the fullest and enjoy music.


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