Originally from Seattle, WA, emerging artist, Siahna possesses all the qualities a fan of an indie pop culture could desire. She dominates with a rich, soulful voice dripping with a texture that conveys her heartfelt, deeply personal lyrics in a way that resonates with the listener. Add to that a bright, relatable, charismatic presence to deliver it all and you have an audience that is invested in the stories she shares through her lyrics. As an artist, she finds herself stylistically influenced primarily by soul and jazz genres-specifically artists Ray Charles, Amy Winehouse and her favorite singer/songwriter of all time, Billy Joel. Season 9 of NBC’s The Voice gave Siahna her opportunity to shine on a national level with the then 15-year-old songstress taking the stage and belting out a smoky and eloquent rendition of Fever. Siahna says she wouldn’t change her experience on The Voice for anything as it taught her to cope with high-pressure situations and enabled her to grow as an artist and gain recognition. 2019 has been the year where Siahna has dedicated herself to completing her latest EP, "Innocence". Since then, she has been working on developing her music by adding new influences and creating a new and completely refreshed style. The main focus of 2020 is to delve into new genres. Siahna is currently working on new projects experimenting with soul, hip-hop, and R&B with an aim to mix up the 90s with the fresh sound of 2020. Without a doubt, by mixing up different styles and taking influences from many genres with a solid base and a cultural impact, Siahna is a multitalented and curious artist with an enormous love for cultures and music exploration.


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Siahna Releases Her New Soul/Folk/R&B Fusion EP Innocence Los Angeles, CA, Release: March 3, 2020. For Immediate Release Siahna is originally known for her time on NBC’s Season 9 of The Voice. Since then, she has settled to Los Angeles and is currently a college student. However, being in college hasn’t stopped her from creating music. She has recently brought back her soulful sound to her fans with the release of her long-awaited EP, Innocence. The EP is a follow-up to her 2019 single “For You” and was officially released February 28, 2020. Siahna recorded most of Innocence in Hollywood, CA with producer and engineer Sean Carson, while the track titled “Paper People” was recorded and produced in her home base of Seattle, WA with producer Kevin Gardner. Innocence is composed of 4 tracks that Siahna describes as a mix between soul, folk, R&B, and pop. Siahna states that she wrote her whole EP in her room with just her guitar giving them a singer-songwriter/ folk foundation. Producer Sean Carson and Siahna decided to leave that acoustic guitar element in all of the songs and build a modern R&B twist around it. This is what gave “VooDoo Queen”, “Honey Baby Darlin”, and “For You” their unique sounds. Kevin Gardner and Siahna took the same approach with “Paper People”. With Siahna’s soulful vocals on top of the instrumentals put together by these two masterful producers, Innocence is a perfect fusion of unlike genres. Since her time on The Voice, Siahna seems to be excited to move forward as a matured independent artist, “I had my little taste of excitement when I was on Pharrell’s team on The Voice when I was fifteen. I am twenty years old now and learned that being a true musician isn’t about reality competition shows, it’s about sharing what you love and what you create with whoever will listen” Like many before her, Siahna came to California to make music. However, she always thinks of Seattle as her home. Since moving down to Los Angeles in 2018, not only has Siahna created music with incredible artist, but she has performed all over the city at events such as the 626 Night Market, The Set Live, and at the W Hotel in Hollywood. Siahna seems to be emerging from the teenage girl who sang “Fever” on The Voice, to a young woman ready to break through and show herself as a true Musician. Her newest EP Innocence is her first project that she has released completely independently and it seems to be just a taste of what this young artist has planned. Businesses interested in partnership or media opportunities can learn more on Siahna’s website:


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