Songwriter and producer Bilgi gained his musical background back in the 90s at the ACM(The Academy of Contemporary Music in Zurich). He continued to build up his knowledge in Songwriting and Music Production at Berklee College of Music. The influence of Pop, Jazz, Film Music and Contemporary R&B cannot be overheard. Bilgi’s goal is to write sophisticated popular music keeping the sound commercial yet giving it a special aura. With his lyrics, he tells stories in the course of which the listeners find themselves. He typically collaborates with artists from the United States and the United Kingdom.


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Tell Ya


Contemporary R&b




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Hopeful and vulnerable, Dezabel returns with another vibey, multidimensional single, humming on the cutting edge of Pop with deeply relatable lyrics that slice through a low-riding, mature mix. Poised on the brink of uncertainty, Tell Ya is brave and chilly in its emotional reminiscing, the track's achingly open female vocals finally giving a voice to years-old unspoken feelings, mirrored by an equally unsure but motivated male counterpart, building in confidence to boldly wind around one another with hopeful admissions, before finishing in a suspended close, leaving audiences to hang on an endless pregnant pause, anxious for the next chapter. Innocent, nostalgic, and wistful, Dezabel's Tell Ya mingles its evocative lyrics with stark, cool layers, an inescapable hook, and catchy melody to deliver a brisk, clean cut charmer that's easy to get in stuck in your head, and way, way harder to get out.


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