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Built for artists and musicians

Network with fellow musicians and artists get discovered by record labels, create your EPK, promote your music and art to thousands of outlets & more at Indiependency.


Clean dashboard interface
for artists & musicians

Sign up and let our system build your personal dashboard. Here, you can check out your EPK, campaigns, features, feedback, community feed & more.


Feedback session prior and during your promotion

Create your music promotion campaigns, receive notifications on who listens to your music, feedback and get the chance to get featured from a selection of 10.000 outlets.


Beautiful customisable EPK's with smart link integration

An EPK is a great way to present yourself as an artist and lets others know more about your music background. You don't have to build it from scratch, our EPK builder will automatically create it for you.

They say about us.

"I purchased a month of radio and air play pitches. I ended up getting picked up by 20 radio stations and got invited to do 2 interviews! My song play stats have almost doubled now and I've gotten a lot of healthy exposure. Next time I have a single I want to spread to the masses, I am working with Indiependency again."

Haley Woolbright

"Great experience! Been featured on 5 stations and multiple playlists. Indiependency was very professional and the process was smooth. Communication was excellent and kept me in the loop at all times."


"I’ve had such an amazing experience with Once you book your order, they start working expeditiously and keep you updated with everything within a week. I certainly recommend booking a service with Indiependency"

Zammy Oswald


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7,000,000+ Events
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Dedicated Support Agent
12 months data history
1 dedicated SSL
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why work with us?

We put our hearts into what we do. Not only do we run Indiependency, but we are dedicated musicians ourselves for 10 years or more. We know what it means to be in your position as an independent artist. Therefore, we will make sure to get you the features you deserve

Do you offer a discount for labels?

Yes, we do. We provide a discount to label records that need more that 5 submissions per month. Pleaseemail usto request a record label discount

How can I start promote my music?

You can sign up for free or for the pro version, ether ways in your dashboard you can then choose how and to whom to send over your music.

Will I be always up to date on how my promotion is going?

Yes, on the right side of your dashboard, once you have submitted a promotion, there you will see your current campaigns. You can click on the campaign that we are currently running and see live the placements and features you have got.